Investment Purchase Loans

When a borrower does not have time to wait for a conventional lender to approve a loan or when the borrower does not meet conventional lending standards (bad credit, no verifiable income, etc.) private loan can be used to acquire property or other real assets. The typical loan to value ratio is up to 80% with the lender taking an equity interest. Lenders generally expect repayment in one to three years. Disbursements are often made periodically to the borrower according to a construction holdback agreement signed at the loan closing.

Key Highlights of our Investment Purchase Loan Program Include

Multifamily Financing Options

Feature Details
Loan Terms 3, 5, 7, or 10 years
Eligible Properties Multifamily, condos, mixed-use (majority residential)
Loan Amounts $500K – $50M+
Maximum LTV Up to 75% of  property value
Payment Options Interest-only and amortization options.
Prepayment Yield maintenance based on loan term
Loan Purpose Purchase or refinance
Recourse Non-recourse options available
Eligibility Open to foreign nationals
Service Coverage Nationwide lending

Multifamily Bridge Financing Options

Feature Details
Loan Terms 18 to 24 months, with extensions available
Eligible Properties Multifamily, condos, mixed-use (majority residential)
Loan Amounts $3M – $15M+ Larger loan amount considered on a case-by-case basis
Maximum LTV Up to 65% Loan to Value
Payment Structure Interest-only payments based on funded balance
Loan Purpose Purchase or refinance
Recourse Non-recourse options available
Eligibility Open to foreign nationals
Service Coverage Nationwide lending

Commercial Multifamily Financing with Flexible Financing Solutions

Want to expand your rental property business, consolidate debt or simply want to invest? You have reached the right platform. We provide rental loans at competitive rates, making you expand your real estate business. Together we shall take your real estate business to another level.

Empowering Your Investments

If you are interested in Buying Multifamily Homes, or plan to refinance Investment Property, we have tailored solutions for you. We understand your concerns when it comes to investing and what market has to offer, therefore we provide competitive investment property refinance rates.

In addition, we provide insights into Multi-family Housing REIT’s, giving you the amazing opportunity to invest in this thriving sector. So, whether you want to refinance rental property, refinance investment property, or need Multi-family Mortgage, Breakwater Commercial Capital maximizes your returns and promises you a prosperous future in Real Estate.


Why Choose Our Multifamily Mortgage Plan?

Flexible Plan: Our Multifamily Home Investment Plan provides flexibility. So, whether you are an individual investor or managing various rental units, our Multifamily Mortgage Plan is the ideal choice for you.

Variety: Whether you are looking for single-family homes, or multi-family homes, you shall find the perfect option at Breakwater Commercial Capital. We deal in properties of all sizes, making sure you are successful in your targeted investment plan.

Purchase/ Refinance: We have plans for everyone. So, whether your plan is to get new rental properties, or refinance existing ones, simply contact us and we shall instantly help you get what you want.

Non-recourse Option: Our non-recourse loan option is the perfect choice for you. Now you can simply protect your assets without any stress of paying back the loan.   

Nationwide Services: Our rental property services are for everyone across the United States. We make sure that everyone around the nation gets the chance to avail our financing solution plan and fulfill their investment needs.  

How to Get the Loan?

Interested in getting loan but don’t know where to start? We shall guide you step by step:

Call us today and our consultant will guide you in detail. You will have to fill an application. Throughout the process, our Multifamily Mortgage expert will assist you till the process is done with. Together we shall tailor a financing solution that will best suit all your needs.

Great News! Once this process is completed, you shall receive the loan amount. You can simply then work towards achieving your property business goals without any hurdles!


Is Financing Limiting Your Real Estate Ambitions?

At Breakwater Commercial Capital, we make sure that our Financing Plans are flexible and reliable. We realize that investors need a transparent financing plan, therefore we make sure that our rental loans help investors maximize returns as flexible plans help them get opportunities, they have been looking for to expand their real estate business!

Begin your Real Estate Investment journey without any obstacles with our easy Loan Plans! Let’s work towards making this journey easy & exceptional for you. Contact us today to get further information!