Residential and Commercial Financing – 7-14 Day average turnaround

no documentation, no credit, no tax returns required


As a leader in hard money lending, Breakwater Commercial Capital provides simple, private lending for residential and commercialprojects throughout New England and across the United States.

At Breakwater Commercial Capital, we are committed to helping you succeed! We have been in your position, so we understand your need to obtain reliable financing at the best possible rate. We know the hard money and private lending markets. First, we work to understand your unique challenges. Then we scour the non-traditional financing markets looking for creative ways to finance your project.

Fast Approval! Most loans close within 7-14 days, some in as few as 3 days. Super flexible finance terms and payback periods.

No documentation, no tax returns, no credit required.

This is a picture of a fabric bag with the word “Loan” written on it. The bag is on top of a laptop’s keyboard. Our hard money lenders in Massachusetts offer secure loans and financing.

Now more than ever, there’s opportunity everywhere. Be ready with a partner who sees potential and enables you to capitalize.

Investors all over Maine, Massachusetts, and the greater New England area are growing their portfolios with our simple, no-doc, no-credit, asset-based loan programs.

See what we can do for you while conditions are still ripe for opportunity!

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Why work with Breakwater?

Now more than ever, there’s opportunity everywhere. Be ready with a financing partner who enables you to capitalize. 

You see the potential in the deal, but it doesn’t meet your bank’s guidelines. You know the opportunity will slip through your fingers if you don’t act quickly. You need a financing partner who also sees that potential and is willing to get in the trenches and put up the money when the deal makes sense.

When everyone else seems to be finding all the reasons not to write your loan, we’ll do everything possible to make it happen. Why? Because like you, we see potential when others are scared. Like you, we see possibilities when others just see that it doesn’t “meet the guidelines.” And like you, we understand that time is of the essence and, when opportunity knocks, you need to be prepared to take immediate action before it’s too late.

We work with real estate investors, entrepreneurs, house flippers, and all other types of business people who go out and create. Create jobs, create wealth, create opportunity.

The business owner whose bank financing fell through but needs a bridge loan while they finish renovations

The real estate investor who finds a perfect multi-family in the right part of town, but can't get a bank to look at the deal

The house flipper who needs a partner to step up and finance the transaction while upgrades are being made.

If you’re in need of an asset-based financing partner who finds all the reasons to “make it happen,” then you’ve found the right team. But the opportunities won’t be around forever… we are truly in remarkable times, unlike any we’ve ever seen. So let’s talk about your project now. Click below to start a conversation.


We will find a creative way for you to solve your financial problem and keep your project on track.


As a private lender, we can be more flexible in our practices than banks.


We understand these factors better than banks.


We often accept different types of documentation and collateral than banks.


Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-duration loan typically used as financing until a property is sold or a conventional loan is acquired.


Ground-Up Construction Loans

Ground-Up Construction Loans

These loans are designed to provide a streamlined financing solution for investors building single family, multi-family, & mixed-use projects.

Fix & Flip (Construction and Renovation Loans)

Fix & Flip

An investor or rehabber can use private financing when planning to hold the investment property for a short period of time, such as during construction or renovation.


Investment Purchase Loans

Investment Purchase Loans

When a borrower does not have time to wait for a conventional lender to approve a loan or when the borrower does not meet conventional lending standards.

Work with New England’s hard money lending authority. Call us at (844) 488-8939 or click below to get started.


What our clients are saying

Ocean View Estates has tripled in size since working with Breakwater. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Jenny B.

Ocean View Estates

This was so much easier than other strategies I have taken.

Rebecca S.

Central Gardens

When all banks denied my applications, Breakwater Commercial Capital shined through with flying colors! Thank you for helping make my project become a reality . 🙂

Henry P.

Ova Properties

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