Ground Up Construction Loans

Ground-Up Construction Loans  

Ground-up construction projects can be challenging. At Breakwater Commercial Capital, we understand this. Our ground-up construction loans will solve the unique challenges that come your way and provide experienced developers the opportunity and the financial support required to maximize the use of land available in urban areas. Ground-Up construction loans aim to make the infill locations thriving and successful. We have flexible terms. After thoroughly reviewing the project, you are all set to start your construction project in no time.

Our Customized Financing Plan for Experienced Developers

We have tailored Ground-up construction financing plans for experienced and verified developers. This loan features an easy approval process with limited documentation and offers the best rates and terms for new construction loans. We know that developers who have already navigated urban construction are best suited to tackle those challenges, and our loans are right-sized to support their experience. We provide fast, flexible finance with 12—to 24-month loan terms. Our financing of up to $10 million is a sizeable contribution towards making your vouchers a reality.

Focus on Infill Locations

The easy solution was to ensure that infill sites already established in urban locations have the highest opportunity to provide the maximum yield. These prime locations are where we lend for our Ground-Up Development Construction Loans, offering developers a chance to help invigorate and enhance urban communities. Infill sites, as you know, provide developers with the necessary infrastructure and great locations, which means that some projects can easily blend in and complete the urban tissue.

Project Review for Success

Your first step in building a successful construction project is a comprehensive appraisal. With Breakwater Commercial Capital, you are offered a wider range of options and a thorough evaluation of your construction project. From the pre-planning stages through the final touch, we scrutinize every aspect of the project via our intensive review process. This comprehensive process identifies potential obstacles and opportunities early, allowing developers to answer them in advance, leading to a more seamless construction process.

Offers Loan Terms that are Flexible

We know that financing is a major aspect of any construction project. Our loan-to-cost ratios provide maximum flexibility to fit your financial needs. We give you as much as 75% of the purchase cost, allowing you to finance most of your project. Moreover, you can top up the above with an interest reserve to pay the construction interest dues during the construction period up to our Maximum blended loan-to-cost ratio of 90%, including interest reserve. This feature allows you the comfort of a workable cash flow while you successfully complete your project.

Powering Urban Growth Using Breakwater Commercial Capital

We empower your success with an all-encompassing project review, flexible terms, and generous financing options. Whether you are transforming an under-utilized infill site or building the next urban icon, our Commercial Construction loans are intended to maximize the value of your Ground-up construction projects.

When you choose Breakwater Commercial Capital, you select a lender experienced in real estate development loans and private construction loans dedicated to helping bring your vision to life. Be bold and take on that urban development project; take comfort in knowing your next Ground-Up Construction Loans are here to support you.