Hard Money Loans Portland, ME

our Hard Money lenders in portland, me can help finance your projects  

Breakwater Commercial Capital are established hard money lenders in Portland, ME that have been providing private financing for both residential and commercial investors for 25+ years. Our hard money loans in Portland ME are unique, offering not only the funds borrowers need but also invaluable support and guidance through each step of the ordeal. We are proud of our commitment to ethical standards, partnered with our dedication to building meaningful relationships with clients. Breakwater Commercial Capital stands out amongst hard money lenders in Portland, ME as the company you can trust from start to finish.


Bridge Loans Portland, ME

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-duration loan typically used as financing until a property is sold or a conventional loan is acquired.


Refinance & Cash Out Portland, ME

Refinance & Cash Out

With these loans a borrower can quickly extract equity from real assets to obtain working capital for other projects.


Fix & Flip (Construction and Renovation Loans Portland, ME)

Fix & Flip

An investor or rehabber can use private financing when planning to hold the investment property for a short period of time, such as during construction or renovation.


Investment Purchase Loans Portland, ME

Investment Purchase Loans

When a borrower does not have time to wait for a conventional lender to approve a loan or when the borrower does not meet conventional lending standards.